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lōkahi: a central Hawaiian value and practice which means harmony, unity and accord






Lōkahi is Oneness. There is no separation between kanaka (humanity), ‘āina (nature) or Ke Akua – God(s). Lōkahi is a dynamic practice of harmonizing oneself with others and the spiritual and physical worlds.

We are interconnected through our hā – our breath and everything we do. Well-being and sustainability is achieved through living lōkahi – the ancestral blueprint for holistic health.

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"Lani, your work is very transformative … I feel uplifted by your presence. Thank you for the important work you’re doing!"

Jack Canfield
Chicken Soup for the Soul, Co-Creator

"Lani is a master healer of the soul and an embodiment of an ancient Hawaiian lineage that inspires us to claim ourselves as intrinsic members of the Community of All Life. With a deep humility and respect for the Great Mystery, her very presence awakens our best selves to emerge so that we can become the change we wish to see in the world. She is a pure gift!"

Gary Malkin
Founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Wisdom of the World Wellness and multiple Emmy-award winning Composer

"Lani Yamasaki continues to remind me of truth and the way to live that truth. She is amazingly unselfish which makes her a most remarkable guide for discovering how to live life with spirituality while navigating everyday challenges. I am forever grateful to her for being a gentle, but potent force of healing for me and always being an authentic and wise teacher of great integrity."

Ruby Jessop
L.Ac, PhD of Clinical Nutrition

"Lani marries grace, Hawaiian & global holistic healing practices with pragmatic business expertise...with potency to transform your life from the inside out. She is a rare, pure embodied master healer and has transformed my life so I'm clear in who I am, my path and mission."

Alicia-Lyn Diaz
Creator / Enlightened Body System

"I’ve taken several classes from Lani and have loved them all! I always feel more centered, creative and empowered after taking her classes. Lani is a great teacher who truly cares about making sure that healers practice self-care in order to continue in what can sometimes be very stressful work. She teaches different ways to release that stress and approaches self-care through an artistic and cultural lens. I took her classes incorporating lāʻau lapaʻau (healing with plants), art, journaling and authentic movement. She is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and humble, and reminds us through example of the importance of honoring our teachers and our kūpuna - elders. I’m a physician and would certainly recommend Lani’s classes to anyone, especially those working in a health related field, who is open to experiencing how fun, empowering and healing self-care can be!"

Martina Kamaka, M.D., John A. Burns School of Medicine
University of Hawaiʻi

"For over 18 years, Lani has been my go-to expert to create vibrant legacy programs for high profile clients i.e. Fortune 500 companies. She is a world-class consultant that uniquely integrates diversity, Hawaiian and other indigenous values and practices, healing modalities, the arts and sciences, a deep reverence for nature, and her background as an acclaimed artist into designing enduring global legacy programs that benefit communities and the environment. She has a refined ability to understand complex and culturally sensitive situations while using her diplomatic skills to achieve consensus-building between organizations and communities. Her adeptness in translating both the clientʻs and the communityʻs visions and goals into the creation of powerful legacy programs produces transformational results. Communities and the clients who serve them become empowered, all while acknowledging reciprocity and improving the bottom-line."

Jim Guequierre, Senior Associate (retired), Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo Architects & Planners
Past President / Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce

"Iʻve had the pleasure to work with Lani for over six years. Coming from Silicon Valley, we were unaware of the importance of knowing how to do business within the Hawaiian culture. Lani was invaluable educating and advising the company which has propelled our business and reputation. Sheʻs transformed our relationships with local businesses, federal and state government, NGO and communities, and now we have solid partnerships towards the shared goal of increasing community well-being, including sustainability through environmental stewardship programs. From interfacing with the Governor to organizing community outreach, Laniʻs expertise in social business development, cultural competency, community building and environmental stewardship is invaluable for any socially conscious company wishing to successfully do business in Hawaiʻi or globally."

Joanne Masters
Communications Director of a Fortune 100 Company

"I thought Lani was an extremely effective teacher. Not only did she teach cognitively, she also taught through her actions, words, gestures, and interactions. She did an excellent job summarizing the key elements of a complex culture in just a few hours. She exceeded my expectations. Very well done! A personal insight that emerged for me was the value of humility. Choosing this value and it having such meaning to me illustrated how facilitators are not healers — they are conduits for the path that is already chosen for them by ancestors — which was a point Lani made clear."

Mary, Nurse Practitioner
Center for Spirituality and Healing, University of Minnesota

"I think she is a fabulous teacher. She has a gentle calm presentation. There was time to process her information. She didn't rush. Her integration of 'field teaching' was wonderful. The 'hands on' cemented the knowledge to practical use. I emerged with new tools for self-care."

Susan, Nurse Practitioner

"I LOVED this class! Lani is authentic and patient in teaching. My take-away is that what we have in our lives is there for a’s my job to figure this out. How I use this knowledge, determines the 'outcome'. I’ve integrated my personal/self-care tool kit (developed in Laniʻs class) into my work and personal life. I feel more empowered to deal with workplace politics and other stressful situations. My family has noticed that Iʻm calmer and happier with my new self-care practice."

Sasha, Administrator

Holistic Living Practices for Optimal Personal and Planetary Health

Everyone has the ability to heal themselves

Our well-being is intertwined and interdependent with the health of our ʻāina – nature, land and earth, and our connection to God(s) and the spiritual realm.

Discover wellness practices rooted in native Hawaiian healing traditions to support your personal well-being and the health of our ‘āina.

And along the way, discover and live your kuleana or personal responsibility in life with joy and passion.

Prosper through fulfilling your kuleana - your personal responsibility and Sacred Agreement.

Live Lōkahi™ Coaching

Navigate your soul and chart a path to fulfill your lifeʻs purpose through holistic Hawaiian values and practices.

Join us on this wellness journey

where we share native Hawaiian and global healing traditions relating to food as medicine, herbal alchemy and holistic practices for self-care, personal development, caring for our ‘āina (nature/earth), creating socially conscious businesses, and other wisdom of our kūpuna or elders.


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